The Biker Fund

Dedicated to the belief and practice of  “Bikers Helping Bikers” in a time of need.

Beginning in 1998 with the idea of establishing the means to provide a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in a time of need, it became a reality known as “Bikers Helping Bikers”.

In July 1997 The Biker Fund was Incorporated into the State of Missouri under the name Hartbauer/McBride Memorial Foundation; a private foundation with the sole purpose of providing assistance for ALL road riding motorcyclists.  Bikers in a time of need or true hardship, within 100 mile radius of the Gateway Arch, are eligible.

For well over a decade and a half, the fund has provided that helping hand to many fellow bikers in and around the Greater St.Louis Bi-State area.  The reasons have ranged from flood and fire victims to catastrophic illness and accident injuries. The idea is simple, if you are a biker and find yourself in a situation of true need or hardship, The Foundation, your fellow bikers, will give you a helping hand, period.

To qualify for assistance you must be a biker. Membership in a Motorcycle Club, Riding Organization, and/or Factory Sponsored Group is NOT a requirement. There are  no brand specifications; a riders sex, religion or ethnic background has no bearing on qualification.  In some cases immediate family members may qualify for assistance.  The situation must qualify as a true and honest hardship.  The Foundation does not detail what constitutes a ‘true hardship’. Cases are reviewed individually and arbitrated based on the information provided. Failure to provide information on the application will only delay response/assistance.

The Foundation is controlled by a Board of Directors; consisting of nine voting members, a Chairman and a Treasurer. When an assistance request form is submitted, along with a summary letter describing the situation and verifying documentation, it is investigated by the Chairman and voted on by The Board to grant the request or not. Based on the information they have, if the request is granted, each Board Member states an amount they agree is appropriate. In some cases The Board may ask for more details. This information may be necessary to determine the degree of hardship, and is required under state law and The Foundation bylaws of Incorporation.

The Foundation guidelines are this: The Biker Fund is not a charity, insurance company, or hand-out.  The Foundation cannot eliminate all suffering, and is not an alternative to taking responsibility for your own action or paying your own bills when you can.

The Foundation is simply bikers helping bikers in a time of need, when every little bit counts.
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